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Dev Wood Consulting Ltd. (DWC) is a computer services company founded in 2001, providing support to small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Victoria up to the Nanaimo and the Vancouver areas of British Columbia (BC). We are growing in the Westshore & the CRD in general,  with clients in Langford, View Royal, Saanich, Sidney and Esquimault.


The majority of companies, regardless of size, have a need for computer and Information Services support. Many cannot justify or budget for a full-time support specialist. We can support your IT users and systems in an as-needed and cost-effective manner.

Our services range from upgrading and supporting existing systems to deploying complete network infrastructures from scratch. Specializing in Microsoft Windows 11 & Windows 10, Server 2022 back to legacy suites of Small Business Server products, we provide an complete range of services to ensure your company operates to its maximum efficiency.


We provide support, sales and implementation for Microsoft & Office 365, a Cloud-based products that provides enterprise level products & functionality through a subscription based model (SaaS). Individuals and groups can access the extended functionalities of: Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and many other Microsoft business products. A monthly fee is charged by Microsoft Canada. to the end user on a product by product basis.


Windows 11, Windows 10, Microsoft 365, Windows Server 2022Essentials (25 or less users) and Windows Server 2022 Standard (per user licences) have been released and are in use at DWC. We can provide experienced and knowledgeable implementation and support for all Microsoft Server technologies scaling back through Server 2016, Server 2012R2 and earlier.

Information Technology systems are a key resource for most successful modern businesses. Developing and maintaining effective systems can make a significant impact on profitability by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Each of our staff has a minimum of 15 years’ experience in a corporate IT environment. Current technology certifications from Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and Novell are just some of the provable expertise that DWC staff have amongst them.

We do not assign staff to clients but create a pool where the most experienced is available for whatever tasks is at hand. For emergencies: whomever is closest can be at your site. All staff are mobile and available.

We are happy to support and upgrade existing systems or deploy new infrastructures from scratch. Our in-depth experience ranges all the way back to Windows XP and through to Windows 11.


Our clients range from self employed professionals working from a home office, to multi-site companies with in excess of a hundred users. Utilizing Windows 11 and 10 Pro, Server 2022 or the new Server 2022 Essentials domain based solutions, we deliver robust, scalable, low maintenance systems tailored to your requirements.


We currently provide support across a myriad of business models, including, but not limited to medical, dental, accounting, law, manufacturing, food & beverage. hospitality, business consulting, marine, retail, and non-profit.

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